Workshop in Chile 2014

Circus Bear 2012

Performance in Austria 2015


Performing in Austria 2015

Excited children after a private performance in London 2016

"Hello Birdie!"

Performance in London 2014

The cat during Shefita's performance in Israel 2016


This little fellow is very popular!

Students in a workshop in Kassel 2016

Performing in Israel 2016


A shadow boy meets a shadow swan

The Carnival of the Animals 2016

Performance in Egypt in 2014

Two little monkeys

The Highwayman

Dog, bird and girl 2016

Performance in Israel 2016

The boy who cried wolf

A monkey and a camel ride across the desert

The Highwayman

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

The Carnival of the Animals in Devon 2016

The audience enjoying the show - photograph by Jemima Yong

"Hands-up!" - photograph by Jemima Yong

Working in the dark - photograph by Jemima Yong

Rabbit and a jam jar moon - rehearsal day 2017

The proud peacock

"Row, row, row your boat"

Skig the warrior

Campo Sancho 2017

My Shadow and Me at Junction, Goole 2017 - photo by Teresa Garratty

Baby bird - photo by Teresa Garratty

Under the sea - photo by Teresa Garratty

Abracadabra! - photo by Teresa Garratty

My Shadow and Me - photo by Teresa Garratty

"Nice hat!" - photo by Teresa Garratty

"Egypt!" - photo by Teresa Garratty

What can you do with a piece of string? - photo by Teresa Garratty

Images of some of Drew's work from 2012 to the present. Enjoy!