Have you seen Mr. Shadow? He has a nose and a chin, and two arms and eight legs, and a long neck and feathers and a trunk and a tail…it’s all true, because Mr. Shadow is special: he’s a shadow, so he can change into just about anything!

In this light-hearted show for the whole family, Drew Colby will introduce you to his good friend Mr. Shadow and he will show you all the things Mr. Shadow can turn in to. Beautiful creatures and funny little tales unfold, as you discover Mr. Shadow is everybody’s friend.

The show explores many vintage hand shadow routines, created by such masters of the art as Prasanna Rao, Edward Victor and Albert Almoznino, and follows the child-like logic of play. Included in the show are Drew's very popular cat and dog routine, the rabbit being chased by a wolf, a contemplative underwater world populated by fish, an octopus and even an orca whale, and the lovely mother kangaroo and her Joey - all performed with a light, a shadow, a voice, a little bit of magic and a lot of laughter.

Completely live, completely non-digital (excluding the digits making the shadows, of course)!

"The simplicity of the show’s transformation of the space, with solely lighting projected onto a screen, showcases Colby’s ability to transport all to a world whereby forms shift and suspension of belief is encouraged. Mr Shadow is a show driven by inspiring the imagination.” - Lucy Basaba, Theatre Full Stop


My Shadow and Me is like a cartoon created live out of nothing but darkness and light. One person (and his shadow) meet and go on an incredible, imaginative, shadowy journey where creatures emerge, engage and transform beautifully. The show uses minimal language in combination with unusual interpretations of classical music and non-verbal voice effects. Little encounters between characters are explored and tiny stories unfold. Many are funny, some are sweet. The ever fascinating and adorable hand shadow bunny makes an appearance as part of a simple magic trick, and the show ends with a colourful and impressive finale in which multiple shadow characters appear all at the same time – made with just two hands!! This was the third production commissioned by Junction, Goole, with funding from the Arts Council England. The production focuses on the idea of our shadows and our relationship with them, inspired by the poem “My Shadow” by Robert Louis Stevenson. It had its first performance in September 2017 at Junction in Goole. Since that time it has been to Turkey, India, Switzerland, Chile, Portugal, Malaysia, Italy and Albania.


“A bare stage with a small light projecting onto a large blank screen. The audience of young children and their parents sits in anticipation as a lanky young man in a trilby crosses the stage, smiles and the lights go down. This time, as he crosses in front of the light, his shadow appears behind him. Cue a lovely pantomime-like sequence in which we see his shadow but he doesn’t: “it’s behind you!” squeaks an excited little voice from the audience. And then the magic begins.” - Pamela Hall, The Croydon Citizen

Winner of the Moving Parts Festival Audience Choice Award 2019

Commissioned by Junction, Goole and supported by the Arts Council England.  

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Suitable for an adult audience, this show includes a hand shadow tribute to some of the great films of the last century (with unique audience participation), the hilarious tale of Drew's first hand shadow performance (which accidentally involved a certain bit of a bear's anatomy!) and a roof-raising finale with Sammy Davis jr. and Frank Sinatra singing “Me and My Shadow”.


Will there be shadow bunnies? Yes! Will there be a shadow duet? Yes! Will there be shadow boxing? Probably not...


"Colby is not limited to a virtuosic exercise of style, to a show of manual elasticity, projecting on the canvas the classics, static contours of animals or architectural monuments, but gives life to real sequences, such as the spectacular race of the rabbit chased by the wolf – which creates the illusion of a real montage – or the phenomenal duet with Frank Sinatra." - Andrea Grassano, KLPTeatro, Italy


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My Shadow and Me - Trailer

Cinema in Silhouette - Trailer