Cinema in Silhouette : Trailer

Drew Colby takes you on a cinematic journey of shadows as he tells the tale of how he came to be doing this unusual job, why some people call the artform “Cinema in Silhouette” and where it all began millenia ago.

Drew Colby : Hand Shadow Artist

“To do what you did, you have to have a talent. To do it the way you did it, you have to be a super talent.” – Thomas Gottschalk, judge on Das Supertalent

Drew's final performance on Das Supertalent 2021

Awesome Animal Crackers - a 1920's vaudeville pastiche!

"I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers" is a 1926 novelty song by Fred Rich, Harry Link, and Sam Coslow. It was first recorded by Irving Aaronson and his Commanders.

Shadow puppets on the wall

Watch this fun, new music video from Genevieve Goings. Drew created a host of lovable shadow characters for the video.

Don't worry, be happy!

In the rehearsal room

No arthritis here!

The award-winning Lodotra advert created by Drew Colby and advertising agency McCann. Drew provided hundreds of shadow parts including hands, fingers and full characters which were edited together to create this fun animation.

My Shadow and Me - a wonderful shadow journey

Shadows created by Drew for Super Mario

This video was made in 2013 - some of the characters were filmed as separate elements and then put together during the post-production edit.

Drew does 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown

First broadcast on Channel Four on Friday 20th January 2017, Drew's shadows make an appearance during the 2nd word game of the episode.

The Carnival of the Animals

Created in association with Junction, Goole and funded by the Arts Council, the Carnival of the Animals was devised by Drew Colby, Lempen Puppet Theatre and four concert pianists in 2016.

The Ugly Duckling

Created in association with Junction, Goole and funded by the Arts Council, the Ugly Duckling was devised by Drew Colby and cellist Penny Callow in 2015.

Peter and the Wolf

Created in 2013, Peter and the Wolf was performed in the UK, Austria and India, where Drew had his largest audience (1500 people).

Circus Bear

Created in 2012 and funded by the Arts Council, Circus Bear told the story of a little bear captured by a circus ringmaster. It featured innovative use of live video loops, and was performed in the UK, France, Finland and Turkey.


A workshop in progress at the Puppet Centre in Holon, Israel. Pairs of adults are working on small performances using techniques Drew has been teaching.